Ring | Charlie Boyle
Ring is designed to support the homeless youth by simplifying the process of reporting hate crimes, reducing anxiety and leading victims to safer areas. Over time the data can be used to build a network of ‘verified’ safe areas and services.
City Share | Lewis Muggeridge
City Share is a product/service that provides the homeless population access to unused showers, toilets and laundrettes in the city. The device can be mounted on ground floor office windows for easy access.
Roam | Harry Snow
With an ever increasing need for social interaction and connections, Roam connects the young homeless with animal owners through their shared love of animals, bringing together communities and like minded people.
Ethos | Charlie Gilks
A tool that helps a young homeless person’s re-development of the soft skills lost in a period of homelessness through holographic communication with their new employer. Each keeps one half, and records messages for the other outside of the workplace.
Portal | Stuart Meredith
A device to help build and maintain the bond between young mothers and children who have been separated due to homelessness. Portal records bedtime stories from the mother which the child can then view and interact with.

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