Mentor | Andrew Gardner
The Mentor makes it easier for single parents, who may have limited time, to learn something new. Through the use of 3D holograms and infrared sensors the Mentor provides an immersive learning experience.
ShowMe Pods | Ben Younger
This product empowers less technologically proficient guardians to capture precious memories of children for absent working single parents. The audio-triggered black recording pod tracks motion to capture footage, while the white pod acts as a playback projector for the parent.
Head To Toe | Stephanie Tomlinson
Head To Toe will hyper economise your household by tracking tone of voice, pulse and temperature for accurate assessment of need. The wearable sensors for the ankle and mouth adjust your home to suit your mood automatically and precisely. 
Balance | Angus Galton
Balance is a mixed reality headset for non-amicable parents, that empowers co-parenting and immersive parent-child connection; Exposing the child to more beneficial scenarios and experiences that are seen in two-parent households.
Drawings | Jake O’Sullivan
A single parent is four times more likely to date another single parent than someone without a child. Drawings is the ultimate icebreaker, with dates designed to provide a platform to bring single parent families together through fun, getting-to-know-you activities.
Sono Pod | Charlotte Ansell
A digital meditation therapy pod that encourages a full 8 hours of sleep by minimising the time taken for single parents to re-enter their sleep cycle through the natural science behind aromatherapy, heat therapy and Howlite stone. This creates the ultimate meditative sleep setting.

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