Memo | Elise Filleul
Augmented reality glasses which can be split into two to assist a child with ADHD. Together it helps them maintain their focus, and when split it allows the child to let someone into their internal world to build stronger bonds.
Temu | Oliver Lambert
Redefining time awareness for children with ADHD. Distractibility and hyper-focus are common attributes of ADHD that distorts a child’s sense of time. Temu is an active timer that converts routine into music and visuals that help children stay focused. 
Empa | Tanaka Kungwengwe
An assistant for ADHD children that provides them with a visual emotional language to interpret the emotions of others during everyday social interactions.  Empa helps ADHD children to develop empathy, so that they can form and sustain interpersonal relationships. 
Self Reflect | Arun Chalotra
Self Reflect is a smart mirror that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to improve the parent and ADHD child’s communication through an immersive self-affirmation ritual designed for the morning routine, building the ADHD child’s confidence and expression deficits. 
Bondi | Daniel Valentine
Redefining bonding between parents and ADHD children, helping children to share highs and lows from their day to ensure that children communicate well to their parents to help build a stronger emotional connection.
PillowAngel | William Vickery
PillowAngel helps children fall asleep by drawing on Pixar’s vast library of stories and narrates them to a child in bed at night. Using EEG and machine learning PillowAngel learns which stories are most effective at getting children to sleep.

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