Drop of Love | Fatima Hermosin Acasuso
Stay connected with your loved ones through the distance by reliving unique and unforgettable moments experienced with them. By wearing this necklace, your best memories will be recorded and projected whenever you need them the most..
Photo Bomb | Maria Alejandra Pinilla Pease
Photo Bomb aims to redefine interpersonal communication through the shared language of pictures and sounds. Combining the use of cameras, projectors, and AI, Photo Bomb allows users to tag sounds to pictures and share their unique experiences..
Listen’In | Nivedhaa Muthu
A wearable communications device that connects travellers in a new place by initiating social engagement during their journeys. Nomads can tune into live conversations of their interests with those they usually wouldn’t and forge new friendships along the way.
Patch of Heaven | Niamh Cogley-Rock
This adhesive patch replenishes, revitalises and rejuvenates nomads as they travel globally. Allowing different nutrient and vitamin bombs to be slotted in and dissolve into the body over a period of months tailored to the user’s personal health.
Me Myself & I | Viraj Javaharlal
A bracelet keeping you self-aware about the changes you endure during your travels. Built to remind you who you are in this fast-paced world so you can stay true to yourself and never forget what builds your identity.
Ripples n’ Rays | Yash Bhansali
Build a vibrant palette of sights and sounds from places you’ve experienced along your travels. Using this interactive brush set, create a sense of escape in your bedroom and transform your windows into dynamic paintings. Piece together your new home.

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