Stories | Caitlin Beer
Kodak Stories aims to create more special moments between a father and child when they cannot be together. Using developing dream technology the device influences dreams through the use of sounds, bringing bedtime stories to life.
Breathe | Hannah Coombs
Kodak Breathe is a wearable device and home hub set for working mothers, that captures memorable moments through aroma. These aromas are released to remind mothers of positive experiences with her child whilst apart, and encourage self-care practices.
Community | Jack Day
This design aims to reduce anxiety in long-term paediatric patients and help combat their inherent loneliness. The mood sensor recognises anxiety, prompting the projector to turn the cubical into a 4D natural environment, where they can digitally meet likeminded children.
Kinnect | Luke Tolchard
Kodak Kinnect has been developed to seamlessly integrate into the home. Using existing military communication methods as a guideline, Kinnect can transform any audio or message-based communication system into a 3D projection of that individual talking and interacting with you.
Share | Ruby Ovenden
The Kodak Share is an accessory designed to aid carers and social workers in their efforts to rehabilitate children within the foster care system, it will do so by monitoring their emotions through expression recognition and pulse reading.

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