Epoch | Andrew Pickering
Using a unique, family-centred social platform, Epoch gently notifies you when a memento of a predecessor is close by. Open the flexible, roll up screen to inspect the object and discover the ancestral memory associated with it.
Hot Potato | Arphatsara Paowana
DK Hot Potato is a device encouraging detached family members to have a more satisfying conversation and a deeper connection with their family in a family gathering when time is limited, involving everyone to share their stories and experiences..
Distance | Conor Richey
DK Distance focuses on reconnecting grandparents and grandchildren separated by long-distances through sharing cuisine. By sharing classic family recipes, as well as newly discovered recipes from across the globe, DK Distance builds upon shared experiences to reconnect loved ones..
Link | Matt Gardner
The always-on aspect of modern technology prevents students from finding opportunities to reach out to their grandparents. DK Link breaks through the din and acts as a stimulus for communication by using electrodes to trigger neural pathways which spark the desire.
Discussion | Shivy Das
Students’ interests are used to create connections to curriculum topics which teachers use as discussion points, opening up dialogue between two generations. The device creates a tactile holographic mind map of the discourse for a memorable active learning experience.

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