Power Generator | Amin Haruna
The JCB Power Generator is a backup power supply that generates and stores electricity to ensure that flood victims have access to a safe and reliable power supply during a flood-induced power outage..
Poseidon | Kevin Shaji
The Poseidon is an aqua drone that helps users navigate safely through floodwater using an array of sonar and lidar sensors to map out the flood floor and subsequently optimal safe travel routes..
Guardian | Sirtaj Singh Ghata-Aura
Guardian is an automated fire prevention system to help protect homes after the event of a flood, from the risks of electric fires. Integrated infrared cameras use radio waves to detect fires and extinguish them before serious damage is caused..
Manta | Seb Parker
Manta is an autonomous vehicle which uses an amphibious undulating fin design to act as a compact, foldable platform for road users, allowing them to remotely assess flood depth and flow on roads before crossing, and to alert other drivers..
Home Defence System | Thomas Knipe
A smart augmented reality device that will alert you on flood warnings, scan your home‘s infrastructure for weaknesses or cracks and advise how to fix them, and calm you down in a panic situation by analysing your body language..

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