Meet the Made in Brunel Team of 2020
Amber Sayers
Jack Day

Web Managers
Hannah Coombs
Maria Alejandra Pinilla Pease

Publications Managers
Charlie Boyle
Isaac Reeves

Social Media Managers
Conor Richey
Max Trafford

Events Managers
Caitlin Beer
Oliver Martin

New Designers Manager
Angharad Davies

Branding Managers
Charlie Gilks
Ruby Ovenden
Marketing Managers
Pippa Copeland
Katie Price

Planning Managers
Luke Smith
Toby Middleton

Masters Liaisons
David Paling
Alejandro Romero Rosell Kyle May
Hsin Lun Wu
Tosin Folarin
Ashiq Nazir Rafia

Research Liaison
Naomi Tucker

Communications Manager
Charlotte Willis

Design Workshop Liaison
Emily Lucas
Special Thanks
Paul Josse, Marjan Angoshtari, Dr Danah Abdulla, Dr Vanja Garaj, Ryan Smith, Steve McGonigal, Dr Busayawan Lam, Dr Eujin Pei, Dr Fabrizio Ceschin, Paul Turnock and, most importantly, The Made in Brunel class of 2020.
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