Winner of the best contextual project.
Somm | Amber Sayers
Organic matter is the very foundation for healthy and productive soils and is vital for sustainable farming in the future. Somm encourages a soil centric, conservational farming approach for off-grid communities by monitoring soil organic matter and carbon storage.
Ping | Arthur Brooks
Ping connects you with every member of your new community, giving you as well as everyone else the opportunity to share skills and knowledge, leading to a welcoming, friendly community.
Flux | Katie Price
When faced with limited, seasonal ingredients in off-grid communities, healthy and exciting dishes can always be created by utilising aroma analysis technology to match complimentary ingredients. Flux helps to create ideal food combinations and confidence in home cooking.
Shift | Luke Smith
Shift enables the free-flow of electricity within an off-grid community, using wireless energy transfer and micro-grid infrastructure. Communities will be able to share electricity with neighbours and manage energy in situations where this currently is not possible.
Loop | Oliver Martin
Biodiversity is essential to creating rich and productive ecosystems. Loop allows you to connect with birds in your garden through a unique and immersive experience, interpreting bird songs and alarms, enabling you to accommodate to their specific needs and requirements.

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