Sense | Caitlyn Morton
Taken from the concept of ‘spider sense’ being able to sense danger before it happens. This device will allow the wearer to ‘sense’ when a dangerous situation is arising by sounding an alarm, allowing the wearer to react. 
Anonomeyes | Lauren Rushen
A response to the rising rates of knife crime in London, Anonomeyes is a wearable device that provides an anonymous way for young people to report crime and serious violence, creating an intelligent network where peers can learn from one another.
Scanability | Helen Bellhouse
A hand held device to aid decision making when independently choosing what to eat by changing a child’s motivations. Scanability scans a child’s plate and encourages them to eat healthier based on achieving badges pre set by the parent..
FreeFrame | Max Schöpp
FreeFrame is a canvas that can create art on any surface, enabling children to explore their creativity. Countering the lack of funding for art and design in schools and providing security in the development of skills essential for personal growth.
Palmap | Samuel Bušovský
A wearable device to aid children navigate their environments independently without the need for a distracting mobile device. Palmap projects intuitive directions onto the user’s palm guiding them to a pre-set home destination which is updated in real time.  .

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