Flight | Toby Middleton
Summoned via a smartphone app, this drone’s main purpose it to guide users along the towpath at night, lighting the path in front and recording the journey through a small camera lens.
Pulse | Max Mitchell
Pulse utilises end-of-life lithium-ion batteries from electric powered cars to power narrowboats. Based on a Tesla Model S, used batteries are split into 16 modules which can be placed around the boat to maintain ballast..
Scout | Harry Cozens
The Learning Assistant Scout is designed for children on British canals, providing them with lessons that are inspired by their natural environment and geographical location, aiding their education while their home is on the move.
Skate | Toby Allen
Skate is a hassle free hull service from JLR. Using electro magnets Skate temporarily adheres itself to the boat’s exterior and uses canal water jets to clean the hull, before respraying the boat with hull blacking..
Hitch | Edmund Miles
Hitch makes navigating a canal lock safer and easier. It automatically adjusts the length of the centre rope as the water level changes, holding the narrowboat in the correct location within the lock and reducing the risk of sinking..
Life | Mia Alamo 
Land Rover Life restores the magic in living amongst nature’s medicine. Life allows users to identify, forage and use the nature that is on your doorstep for medical purposes. This creates a more unique and easy approach to healthcare. (not pictured)

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