Winner of the 'Best of Commercial' award by Made in Brunel.
Milk waste is a huge issue currently facing the UK, with roughly 330,000 tonnes of milk being wasted annually. This issue is particularly apparent in the home, where 87% of all milk waste occurs. The Moo. Smart Cap enables everyday milk drinkers to monitor the spoilage date of their skimmed, semi skimmed and full fat fresh milk through various internal sensors. By sampling the user’s milk for factors which indicate deterioration, such as a lowering pH level or high external temperatures, the cap can determine the spoilage date of the milk. This allows the user to consume all their milk before it spoils, significantly reducing the amount of wastage. Life cycle analysis data suggests that if implemented correctly, the Moo. Smart Cap can reduce a user’s CO2 emissions by 59kg over the product’s lifespan.
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