Texturism is a form of discrimination which continues to oppress the Black community. There exists a social pressure to conform to Eurocentric beauty standards. Oftentimes, coily and kinky hair is deemed ‘unattractive’ and ‘unprofessional’. This vilification of afro-textured hair causes many to feel ashamed of what naturally protrudes from their bodies, and consequently hair care is neglected. Unfortunately, texturism is also known to create arbitrary barriers into professional environments.
Fro Club aims to tackle texturism and empower the Black community. This workshop provides grooming education by demonstrating how hair health, for afro-textured hair, can be restored and maintained, whilst also creating a comfortable environment for individuals to express themselves judgement-free. This educational workshop provides a platform for an underrepresented hair demographic, celebrates the Black communityand fosters a discrimination-free zone.

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