The world's pollinator population has seen a drastic decline in the last 25 years. The loss of pollinators could result in the loss of many common goods, such as coffee. It has become common to associate pollinator decline with bees; however, the issue is much more complex and involves thousands of species. 
Pollinator Planet is a conceptual charity, which aims to raise awareness and educate the UK urban population on a wide range of wild pollinators, and how their decline impacts our future. The project comes in the form of a brand identity for the charity, as well as a theoretical partnership with Costa Coffee. 
This partnership would deliver sustainable mugs, loyalty cards, and in-store messaging to millions of customers, spreading the message about wild pollinators and their decline to those who would be directly affected by it.
Costa Coffee were not engaged in any consultancy or collaborative capacity with this project. Any publicity is limited to personal, academic use.

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