During the programme, nurses form healthy hydration habits and routines using the provided technologies. Participating nurses will be given a smart fob-watch, and have a device attached to their water bottles. When shifts begin, the fob-watch starts timing the period between drinks. The three LEDs adjacent to the watch display light up incrementally with each hour that passes and begin to flash when four hours have passed. If a nurse drinks from their bottle, the ‘bottle device’ will communicate this to the watch. Alternatively, nurses can register drinks with
a press of the ‘tracker button’. Either of these actions will reset the timer and LEDs. This visualises nurses’ hydration, prompting them to drink water regularly. Anonymous data collection enables iterative development of the programme, and further contributes to the research base surrounding hydration and cognition in high-pressure environments.
A collaborative project with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundaton Trust
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