Natural Detail uses an algae-based polymer in Timberland footwear to reduce the environmental impact of its materials. Algae is a sustainable, versatile and fast-growing resource, and combats the issue of using land and food crops presented by conventional starch-based bioplastics. This material is cast in-store by the user for a custom fit, personalised aesthetic with different colours and patterns, and a unique user experience. Standardised width and length measurements determine the shoe size. For a custom fit, the instep (height) of the feet is also measured and categorised in to a low, mid or high instep. These measurements and the foot size of the user can all be adjusted within the modular mould. Once the material is cast and dried, it is perforated around the edged to fix into the boot with popper buttons in the lining.
A collaboration with Timberland.
Process Photos

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