ACL ruptures account for 50% of all sports-related knee injuries, 76.6% of which result in reconstruction surgery, necessitating long-term patient rehabilitation. To ensure optimal recovery and reduce the chances of secondary knee osteoarthritis, patients must remain compliant with treatment and perform exercises correctly. The Sana system is the first of its kind, consisting of a mobile and wearable application that adopts behavioural design principles and gamification theory to improve long-term post-operative outcomes for ACL reconstruction recovery. 
The system allows users to: 
1) Assess Quality (i.e., measure the quality of adherence to exercise instructions at a specific time), 
2) Monitor Performance (i.e., measure performance by monitoring the quality of a pre-determined set of exercises over time), and 
3) Share Data (i.e., share performance data  periodically with clinicians, helping them make well informed and timely treatment decisions).
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