Honey Hunter provides a solution for portioning honey in the form of gelatin encased balls for the visually impaired to easily gauge quantities through their sense of touch. Braille, the lid’s honeycomb engraving and a smell-patch infused in ester methyl phenylacetate to emit a honey scent, were incorporated to engage the other senses. 
Protein Hunter ensures easy accessibility through perforated cardboard and large tabs. Vacuum formed packaging exposes the nature of the product and its source, illustrated by a pig cut-out. A real-time freshness bump indicator replaces the expiry label and ester pentyl acetate imitates the scent of apples. 
Snack Hunter consists of an outer sleeve which can be removed, revealing an origami bowl for convenience. The nutritional traffic light system was adapted, integrating a 1-3 dot and wording system because red-green colour-blindness can lead to potential health risks.

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