This is Roberts radio live project.   The design in the scene of the Mulberry handbag brand, was used to integrate ‘Britishness’ fashion into this design concept. The leather bags, suitable for students and office workers with ‘Britishness’, are square in shape, the radio is designed as a round shape, which makes the combination of the radio and bag look more fashionable and relaxed. It uses the twisted way to open and close so that it can be hung on the bag safely. 
The materials used  are a combination of metal, leather and textile, which can change the colour of the appearance according to the customer’s requirements. The speaker part is textile, the outer is decorated with leather, and the twisted opening and closing part is metal. These materials were chosen based on the features of the existing products of Roberts radio brand.

3rd Place - Roberts Radio & Glen Dimplex Design Live Project Competition.

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