The 11th Five-Year Plan of the Peoples Republic highlighted the need to "move from made in China to designed in China" - generating creativity is more valuable in the 21st-century economy, which require creative citizenship now more than ever. There is a strong link between citizens' aesthetic ability and creativity. Aesthetics are not the goal of creativity, but it are one of its essential components. As the increasingly prevalent phenomenon of the aestheticisation of life indicates, the aesthetic has a significant power to influence - and sometimes determine - the quality of life and society. China is trying to build a creative society and cultivate creative citizens to enhance its national power on a cultural level. Therefore, in this economic, political and cultural context, it is a good opportunity to develop local lifestyle brands in China. This project concludes by illustrating how such a practical lifestyle branding strategy provides new ways of enhancing lifestyle brands' experience to develop creative Chinese citizens with distinctive aesthetic appreciation.

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