The service encompasses booking of respite activities, support, learning opportunities and memories. A network is created between carers, charity, family, friends, schools and employers to support people through the key transition period that occurs between the ages of 16 and 24. YAC encourages the public to learn about young adult carers and the issues they may face, allowing a basic access level for friends, schools and family members to access resources and converse with the staff at Hillingdon Carers. It creates a 24/7 support system by providing access to signposting materials out of normal office hours. YAC provides a comprehensive booking system to replace paper materials, allowing headcounts and medical requirements to be tracked while syncing with parents of minors allows easy collection of consent for activities. Finally, YAC provides details of learning and enrichment opportunities to expand future prospects.
A collaborative project with Hillingdon Carers.
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