Winner of the 'Most Innovative Project' award by Made in Brunel.
Many of the UK’s supermarkets are increasing the amount of loose produce available in stores to reduce their plastic packaging usage. Purchasing plastic-packaged fresh produce is far more convenient than purchasing the loose counterparts, opposing the convenience-based shopping mentality. The Scan a Scale device is designed to improve the convenience of purchasing loose produce, integrating with the existing ‘Scan and Go’ supermarket shopping systems to reduce the use of plastic packaging. The paired scanner and scale devices allow shoppers to scan product barcodes and place produce directly into their bags hooked onto the scales on the back of the trolley, which weighs and prices items on the go. Shoppers can pay and leave without ever needing to use in the in-aisle scales, or unload their trolley at the checkout.
Waitrose were not engaged in any consultancy or collaborative capacity with this project. Any publicity is limited to personal, academic use.
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