The CoolCity project was a response to the ‘AI100’ brief, which asked “How might we use AI to support people to reach a happy, meaningful and productive one hundred year life?”
On the long-term, health throughout one’s life is greatly influenced by one’s environment from an early age on, and climate change is expected to increasingly exacerbate this. CoolCity tackles this challenge by providing urban residents across all ages with a healthier life environment while improving climate and social resilience. More specifically, it proposes a multi-stakeholder program that aims to improve life quality of life by encouraging the co-financing and co-responsibility of green projects. It does so by identifying greening opportunities, computing optimal greening plans and engaging relevant stakeholders to enable co-creation of new, nature infused, urban spaces.
CoolCity was ‘Highly Commended’ by the RSA Student Student Award 2020.

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