Special forces operatives need effective equipment to defend against current and emerging threats on the battlefield. Combat helmets provide ballistic and impact protection for wearers-hazards which are widespread in the field. Air Purifying Respirators are another essential form of protection against Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear hazards (CBRN) which may be less prevalent than projectiles but are still a high-risk threat. This means that ballistic and CBRN protection is needed and both helmets and respirators are often worn together. Currently, due to minimal integration, this creates issues with donning time, fitment and equipment compatibility. APACHI(Air Purification And Combat Helmet Integration) is a system which provides seamless integration between combat helmets and air-purifying respirators. Donning time and ergonomics are improved by mounting a rigid respirator to the helmet with relocated filters.
A collaboration with Avon Protection.
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